About Us

What is DBHub.io

We - the people behind DB Browser for SQLite (DB4S) - are adding an optional "Cloud" storage service for SQLite databases.


It's pretty simple. :)

We've been putting time into DB4S for years, it's fairly popular (150k+ downloads every month), and we'd like to be able
to both work on it full time & have actual lives.

If we can generate sufficient ongoing revenue to make this all work, then yay, everyone wins! :)

How much is Open Source?

Everything is open source (AGPL3 or later).

Nothing held back, no "open core", etc. This is real, actual, proper, Open Source. Not the fake variety. :)

Features we intend to include

Most of these are still "in development" or will come along later, they're all on our definite To Do list:

Basic send/receive of SQLite databases from DB4S (SQLite Browser)
Management of uploaded files. eg delete, rename, etc
Online viewer/editor, with access controls
Teams + public/private databases
Versioning for databases + basic "diff" support
An "Issues" section (trouble ticketing) for your databases
Forks, Pull Requests, Merging as per GitHub model
Branches, as per the git concept
Support for email replys to comments, for Issues/PR's/etc
Drag & drop image support for Issues/PR's/etc
An API, so people can query/update their database from "Serverless" applications

How much will it cost?

Completely undetermined at this stage. ;)

The concept GitHub uses for pricing - free for public stuff, $ for private - is appealing, but may not work for databases. At least initially everything will be free, which should give us a start towards understanding data usage patterns.

With that we can develop a workable model, though it may take a few iterations.


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